Registration for this course is on 27nd September 2017 and start lectures on 2nd October 2017.  It is an EPSRC funded research project with a coalition between Cambridge University, Cranfield University and the National Physics Laboratory (NPL). I will be based at Cranfield University but taking one week of lectures from both Cambridge and the NPL in the first year which should result in an Mres.  This degree is research based with 20% being lecture based and 80% thesis based.  This should continue for the next three years resulting in a PhD just in time for my retirement.  Of course if I finish these projects and am offered some work continuing along the lines of my research I will carry on working as long as I am able.

Cranfield Motto
Cranfield University

I have to keep pinching myself because I can’t believe that I have been accepted onto this exciting new project.  I almost feel that I have been transported to a parallel universe and living a different life.  Having finished school at 15 with poor CSE’s, moving onto a craft apprenticeship, I could hardly have imagined to be finishing up taking some lectures at Cambridge University and ending up as a Doctor.

My aim for this blog is to record the trials and tribulations of undertaking such a project and also to make a record of my life so far, in the form of flashbacks.  I will try to keep these flashbacks brief, before I start work or when little else is going on.  They will be highlighted red so that they can be easily skimmed or skipped if the readers more interested in the research process.Flashback

Having spent most of my life as a Draughtsman, I very much like drawings, pictures and photo’s so I will be trying very hard to include plenty within the text.