Social Life

Somehow, I have managed to retain most of my social life as much as possible.  I don’t like to work evenings if I don’t have to anyway, but I have retained my three evenings out.  I meet Jim, my best friend, at the pub I can walk to on a Tuesday, where we normally eat and talk about all things science.  I am out with the old boys on a Wednesday night where we also eat.  Dr George, who was my course tutor at the OU is one and Jim comes along occasionally.  There are usually 4 or 5 of us, including, Steve, Prof Alfi and Georges son Chris.  Alfi isn’t really a prof, he just likes to think he is.  He has never owned a tv or been married so he has the knowledge of a professor anyway.  The feature picture is a sign outside the Red House where we eat on a Wednesday.  I thought of another one, “When its foggy, look for the VW”.

I have recently resurrected a Friday, early doors night out with Dr George and his rugby crowd.  I used to stop off for a drink with them years ago but only started again since I have been single.  Claire, my ex-wife comes around, on her way home from work on a Sunday for dinner and takeaways for the week.  The only social things that have suffered so far is, seeing my Mum and Harriet.  Quite often Harriet and Billy would come around on a Thursday after work for a pancake supper.  I did get back to see my Mum again last Sunday but that’s the first time since I started this course.  Claire has been a couple of times, which has helped.

DSCF3297I haven’t seen much of Georgina either lately, but that’s because she has been working in sub-Saharan Africa for over 12 months.  This Friday, Georgina texted me to say that she had to come home early because some troubles had flared up in South Sudan and it wasn’t safe.  Normally, this would be good news, but she had a few interviews set up which are crucial for her thesis for her MSc that must be in by January 5th, 2018.  She won’t be going back again until December, so it doesn’t leave much time to rearrange and write up.  On the plus side, she couldIMG_6876 come back to Melton Mowbray with me to see her Grandma last Sunday.  Grandma was pleased to see us both and had prepared a nice soya cottage pie with vegetables because Georgina is still a vegetarian.  If it’s got lamb in, it’s called shepherd’s pie, if it’s got beef, it’s a cottage pie, maybe a vegetable one should be called a ploughman’s pie?

This is Georgina’s “field kit” for when she travels in the wilds of South Sudan without an armored car.  A stab vest, hard hat, satellite phone and what looks like a puncture repair kit.  She had to use this 2 weeks ago when she visited some of SS’s top officials.  They are rolling in it while their people are literally starving but are looking for aid to sort all their problems out.

DSCF3239We had another trip to Cambridge a couple of weeks ago for a “Kick Off Meeting” to start organizing our student led Conference.  We started by electing a Project Manager for both Universities and then I was elected Secretary and I don’t even have a short skirt.  Sorry to put that image in your mind.  Anyway, we have already set our event date for DSCF3242Thursday 24th May 2018.  I was also assigned to create a poster for the event.


I just noticed when I selected the poster to put here, that I had the date wrong.  That’s so me, the only mistake on the drawing is the title or the date.  Don’t tell anyone, I will replace it with the one on our shared Google drive and they may never know.  I’m surprised that nobody else had noticed it either as this is the third version I have done.

It was an early start in the morning and Bilal was very tired.  Dillep was tired when we got back as well but that was probably more to do with his 40 hour a week job that he has because he has no funding.DSCF3269DSCF3245






DSCF3246Another event that I managed to attend, was (Wednesday night) Steve’s wife Jan’s joint 60th Birthday.  Jim and Shirley went as well so I managed to get a lift so I could get a few downDSCF3247 me.  It was nice to find that the bar was free for most the night but when you had to pay, they hit you hard at £10 for two draft beers.  It was a great night as Jan has also just passed her business degree with The OU.  Quite an achievement, especially for a girl that has been doing it part time whilst handling a full time job at the same time.  It was also nice to see their kids, Dan and Charlotte, but I only managed to get pictures of Steve and Charlotte.

IMG_6863I even managed to catch up with Harriet and Billy, when we went to the Cosgrove Park firework display where Claire works.  It was cold but we had a lovely time eating hot dogs while drinking beer and watching the display.  They had spent over £7000 on fireworks and it was really spectacular.  I intended to put a great firework video at the end of this entry but I have to upgrade before I can.  Never mind, I will get photo’s next year.  I was also going to put some pictures of some of the sights around Cranfield University, but will have to save those for next time now.



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