Cambridge Week 2

Again, we set of about 7am and again we hit traffic miles from Cambridge.  It was even worse this week so we didn’t get there until 9am, just time for a cup of tea and for everyone to copy my data stick of data and pictures from last week.

Tea in the canteen before we start
Katjana Lange

We started the day by trying to catch up with what we missed last week.  We eventually got through it all but it was already lunchtime.  Now only the afternoon to complete the entire days’ work.  Lilly helped us again with our catch-up work in the morning and Daniel for a while in the afternoon.

Daniel brought Katjana in to talk to us as her PhD is largely

Actual laser cut

about laser ablation which we are working on.  Very enlightening – Kat’s short talk enabled us to better understand what we were supposed to be doing and to get on efficiently.  Today’s work was about measuring the laser cuts we had done last week so we could establish various properties about the laser power and focus etc.



Catch up with Lilly

It was a very long day, especially as I had awoken at 4am and got up at 4.30.  We left IfM at Cambridge University around 6.45 and I arrived home at 20.10.  I had had to fill the car with petrol on the way home as tomorrow I need to take the hire car back and drive to Bedford to pick up my new car before driving to Cranfield University to continue lectures there.

My new car

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